When she was born, her family treated her as disgrace.
When she turned 5, the gifts for her were less than her brother then.
When she turned 8, she was beaten up because her brother blamed her for his mistake.
When she turned 10, she was made to study home while doing all the work.
When she turned 13, they decided notto send her for further education at all.
When she turned 15, the 4 monsters raped her brutally with evil grin.
When she turned 16, her family told her to stop any complains and scowl.
When she turned 17, they made her dress ‘appropriate’ to cover up every inch of her skin.
When she turned 18, she was forced to make food for 20 people during a family occasion.
When she turned 21, they started searching for a guy to get rid of her.
When she turned 23, she was set abroad marrying a guy unknown.
When she turned 26, the guy left her alone on an abandoned road.
When she turned 29, she was admitted into mental asylum.
When she turned 31, she was finally out of cage on the way to home.
When she turned 33, she wrote a book about her unspoken wounds which became scars unseen.
When she turned 37, she received an award for writing best novel.
When she turned 40, she had countless letters from people who admired her the most.
When she turned 42, she opened an orphanage all by herself.
When she turned 50, the kids made her beautiful surprises and spoke of her highly.
When she turned 55, she knew she was suffering from something big. 

Finally at 60, the God decided to take away her beautiful soul.
She was treated unfair and worthless.
Yet she stood high like a pillar pulling together everyone under one roof.
She was like a bird who was caught in cage by force, her soul screaming loud to be fade and simply go.
She was a brave divine who only knew one thing that is to never lose hope.
And till end she fought and fought, now she shines in the night sky, that can be seen from the ground below.

 -Some words about HER.