Every sweet decays the tooth.

Three words, ‘I am fine’

Three words, 'I am fine' seems to be empty yet hold a deep meaning beneath. It just takes good eyes to see under the thick surface. You can see the world screaming yet be silent in the chaos. Three words,... Continue Reading →


Will you?

Will you count the stars with me? Or do I have to make loneliness my companion? There lies the countless memories, of you and me in recycle bin. Should I rather erase them completely than worry about our beings? Just... Continue Reading →


Can the words be justified? Just like your actions. Once a caged heart, lies now simply broken. The blame is all on me, will I ever come clean as a slate? The abuses and marks, lie on my body. They... Continue Reading →

To the girl I loved

To the girl I loved.  Remember the time when I asked you, 'Why stars keep blinking?' And you had a instant response saying, 'They might be winking'.  I can still imagine myself rolling my eyes at how cheesy and lame... Continue Reading →

In my poem

In my poems, you still hold my hand on a cold night. In my poems, you still wipe my tears with the old favourite handkerchief of yours. In my poems, you still texts me continuously till I am forced to... Continue Reading →

Ruthless love

When you left me ajar, I was lost. I wasn't merely lost, I was broken just the way a vase is when thrown from some distance. Just the way dust is wiped across from vintage furniture, you washed me across... Continue Reading →

Black witch 2.0

Bewitched by your spell, you have left me quite speechless. I was blind enough, to follow an unseen path based on your fazed assumptions and clues. There were signs and symbols of danger and chaos. But straight faced, I ignored... Continue Reading →

Black witch

You choose me once and then turn your back to another Am I so impure and unsatisfactory that you always have to choose? You are like a black witch who has all the powers on the back of hand. You... Continue Reading →

In some seconds

In one hand coffee, the other her cell, She moves in the traffic, a handful task. Her mind a chaos, thinking of the business loss, She wandered in her thought to even listen to the call. Bumped into a stranger,... Continue Reading →

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