Every sweet decays the tooth.

A letter I wish I could post.

Dear Dad, I dont remember exactly how long have you been gone (physically) but I do know that long before that you had disappeared from our lives. Yet you were here. You were here and you were among the ones... Continue Reading →



Saying 'I've lost count..' will be an exaggeration Cause people too close dont betray you I assure. However there are those who bend infront of certain situation. Like the soldiers in the war 'defenceless' and vulnerable. Betrayal is nothing but... Continue Reading →

I can but you still wont

I can cross 7 oceans but you will still be one more ocean away at last. I can weave you into a beautiful poem but you will still ask for a novel instead. I can buy you all the diamonds... Continue Reading →

To the broken heart (Remember)

To the broken heart (Remember), Don't. Don't take the quill and write down what you feel. For your heart will be tore apart all over again. You have been lonely for months which turned into years. And she hasn't been... Continue Reading →

Three words, ‘I am fine’

Three words, 'I am fine' seems to be empty yet hold a deep meaning beneath. It just takes good eyes to see under the thick surface. You can see the world screaming yet be silent in the chaos. Three words,... Continue Reading →

Will you?

Will you count the stars with me? Or do I have to make loneliness my companion? There lies the countless memories, of you and me in recycle bin. Should I rather erase them completely than worry about our beings? Just... Continue Reading →


Can the words be justified? Just like your actions. Once a caged heart, lies now simply broken. The blame is all on me, will I ever come clean as a slate? The abuses and marks, lie on my body. They... Continue Reading →

To the girl I loved

To the girl I loved.  Remember the time when I asked you, 'Why stars keep blinking?' And you had a instant response saying, 'They might be winking'.  I can still imagine myself rolling my eyes at how cheesy and lame... Continue Reading →

In my poem

In my poems, you still hold my hand on a cold night. In my poems, you still wipe my tears with the old favourite handkerchief of yours. In my poems, you still texts me continuously till I am forced to... Continue Reading →

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