May I have this dance? And hold you in my arms.

I won’t just touch your body but let me dig in your soul. The answer of my existence is tangled with yours.

I waited 22 years just to see the love to fill in bones. And now that you are here, there is no way I will let you go.

Once my mother told me how people will use me and throw, but for the first time in life I know that you wont.

Your hand in mine and I twirl you around. Baby, I won’t leave your hand but you too dont go far.

I know you are scared and you love to wander afar, but why don’t you for once just choose to stay where you are?

I look into your eyes and can’t see an universe as spoken alot about but they seem to hold my world within. Is it not enough?

Is it cliche that all my lines seem to mention you somehow? Its not my fault though that you are so perfect with all the flaws.

Why it seems crystal clear to everyone around; that I love you to heaven and hell but you don’t see it at all?

This is it. The time isnt eternal, I see you today maybe I wont be here tomorrow. So just take my hand and let go of your fear and wounds.