Where are you now when I need you the most? The long list of ‘forever’ promises has lost its glow.

You suddenly make an entrance like a hurricane without any warning, and without any notice start moving backwards again.

I have my guards up since the very end of us, my heart can’t take anymore bullets with the broken shield alone.

I keep wondering time and again, waiting for your once in a blue moon appearance. Dotting down the scenario in head, how to act normal.

Alas! Each time you treat me no better, like I am some guideline used only when anyone in trouble.

I see you all happy and smile, and let myself felt content. Oh boy, how I wish! To be the one to be the reason.

Purpose of my life is unknown, I am a lonely soul in this cosmos. Yet at times I feel, myself being surrounded by your love and hope.

Don’t punish me for too long, I am holding onto a thin string. It can be strained soon if not repaired accordingly.

I am tired of faking, of being happy and clean. I am the only one who knows the scars on heart with so many stains.

Just hold my hand once or give me a smile, that will be enough for me, to hold on in life. 

You don’t know the power you have on the soul of mine. It’s as if I am bewitched by your beautiful shine.

One day I will be gone, I don’t know where and when. But just so you should know, I will always be near you protecting your marvellous glow.

-3am thoughts for you.