Every sweet decays the tooth.

Ruthless love

When you left me ajar, I was lost. I wasn't merely lost, I was broken just the way a vase is when thrown from some distance. Just the way dust is wiped across from vintage furniture, you washed me across... Continue Reading →


Black witch 2.0

Bewitched by your spell, you have left me quite speechless. I was blind enough, to follow an unseen path based on your fazed assumptions and clues. There were signs and symbols of danger and chaos. But straight faced, I ignored... Continue Reading →

Black witch

You choose me once and then turn your back to another Am I so impure and unsatisfactory that you always have to choose? You are like a black witch who has all the powers on the back of hand. You... Continue Reading →

In some seconds

In one hand coffee, the other her cell, She moves in the traffic, a handful task. Her mind a chaos, thinking of the business loss, She wandered in her thought to even listen to the call. Bumped into a stranger,... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the farewell of my soul. Say goodbye to me my dear fellows.  The torture here has now met the end. I have searched for golden wings all along and finally got ahold of them. Now I am away... Continue Reading →

Gusting wind.

Gusting wind, gusting wind. Will you tell me the answers please? I have been shaken. I have been drenched. I am now lying on cold hard ground in pain. Gusting wind, gusting wind. You have all the answers to my... Continue Reading →

Darkness Devours

Once there was a girl, She was persistent but timid. There was a castle made by her, in which she resided with her heart unclear. The knocks and bells, jingled in her ear, but she made sure not to open... Continue Reading →

What you are to me

Your smile is my Kryptonite, your happiness is my drug. The way you pierce your eyes at me gets me ahold. Your attitude is the icon which shines in dim atmosphere. Your body is piece of work, God craved it... Continue Reading →

Mom you tell me never to fear, but whenever you scold me there is one tear. Mom you want me to be very strong but then you act in a way to break my legs through which I move on.... Continue Reading →

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