Every sweet decays the tooth.

Things which are frequent but rarely taken into consideration

The way you smile when you see a beautiful human and imagine thoughts which shouldn't have occurred. The way you stop and appreciate the flower just csuse its color is something unique and rare. The way you scrunch your face... Continue Reading →


Let me be the knight in shining armor

Just cause of you can I make the snowfall turn into the crystal shower.  There is this power in you to act like kryptonite of mine. The wind follows your word and sings the song for me during the day... Continue Reading →

Unrequited love

Can we just erase the distance and walk hand in hand? Rather then seeing each other through cells can we just touch the face instead. Let my finger touch your skin and my heart your soul. The 'ding' of the... Continue Reading →

Things you should consider

​Have you ever thought that when I broke your heart mine shattered into billion pieces too? Have you ever thought how I feel everytime I see you walk past me, ignoring me like I am thin air? Have you ever... Continue Reading →


Empty soul and broken hopes. There once lied dreams, she was passionate about. Then came a hurricane which passed her life, alongwith came tsunami and earthquake not so light. The mass destruction left marks in her life, the wounds healed... Continue Reading →

Run away

Call me 'baby', but keep it low Dont let the people hear our musings love I will write you an ode, just keep it a secret in chest. There are culprits who are trying to pull the cover away and... Continue Reading →

Its 4am 

Its almost 4 am, and my clock seem to be stuck, The story which is repeated every night will soon come into existence, Here I lay shaking in my king size bed, with a candle and a lamp on the... Continue Reading →


Hidden deep within a wooden chest in closet, lay words meant to be a secret. The chest was opened quite few times, and the secret spilled out like an overflown water in glass. The base where the secret spilled, the... Continue Reading →

Father who stays in heaven

Its been 4 years since you are gone so far and long. The breeze and trees whisper your name with me all along. I have been trying to remember your wisdom and pour them into words to make a song.... Continue Reading →

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