You choose me once and then turn your back to another

Am I so impure and unsatisfactory that you always have to choose?

You are like a black witch who has all the powers on the back of hand.

You cast one spell and thats enough to make me float at 7th cloud.

But when I look at groud, there you are casting spells on someone else?

Tell me am I not enough? Or the aura of mine got you tired and lost?

You have to go to someone else again and again, making the insecurities pop up like an ugly pimple.

Why can’t you just make sure? And just choose one side like a normal human?

Are you even human to say or should I call you witch again and again!

Take your belongings and your fake love, and you have a free path to walk on. But dont you dare to treat me unfair, like they do to unstabled.

I can leave you alone and accept my fate already known. You were never mine I already know, and I aint some sidechick unlike her.