In one hand coffee, the other her cell,

She moves in the traffic, a handful task.

Her mind a chaos, thinking of the business loss,

She wandered in her thought to even listen to the call.

Bumped into a stranger, a handsome man,

She found her tongue tied, not even a sorry escaped.

He had dark eyes that she noticed,

Seem to hide a mystery deep beneath.

She heard him say sorry and literally felt shiver running down her body,

She nodded her head and dogded the scene behind.

Walking down a path with strangers surrounding,

She thought about the life everyone must be living.

Some sad, some happy, some might have kids, others unmarried,

Some with hard luck, living in misery.

She gazed down at her cell, there was photo of her mother,

A smile creeped on her face, an unusual emotion.

As she tried to move ahead, her left eye flattered,

She suddenly turned back and then fell on ground cold and bloody,

With a knife slashing open her stomach.

Then she thought for a second during her ending moments,

There was certainly dark in his eyes, and it wasnt just his eye color.