Gusting wind, gusting wind.

Will you tell me the answers please?

I have been shaken. I have been drenched.

I am now lying on cold hard ground in pain.

Gusting wind, gusting wind.

You have all the answers to my questions.

The answers move in the air singing a unrhymed poem.

I lie here with eyes wide open. Gazing at the stars, far away in corner.

Today I speak, in a tone unheard. Forever seems to be a lie I hear.

There lies a story on everyday basis in the life of people who seem unpleasing.

Who are we to choose right and wrong? Yet I suffer from the chaotic mind to do right all along.

The disgusting desire to please people in life. Why it sounds appealing to my darkened soul?

The restrictions and nagging, the chaos I live within. Everything seems to pinpoint at only one thing.

Even in poetry I seem to do all that is complaining.

Oh angel, hear me out. Let me speak to you and recite the verses which fill books and books along.

You seem to be appealing. You seem to be appealing.

Oh demon, I speak to you. Come join me in the song which is written only for you.

Gusting wind, gusting wind.

Carry me with you to places unknown.

I am done with the Earth and I am done with my soul.

I am done with all the angels and demom.

I am done with a life which seems to be made in despair for humans.

Am I born at right era? Am I born to solve the mysteries hidden? Or am I born just to overthink the cause?

Gusting wind, gusting wind.

Move towards the heaven please.

And while you move just make sure to make a stop my way; to not forget to move me down the path along.

For all my name is set, to make an existence only in hell for sure.