Once there was a girl,

She was persistent but timid.

There was a castle made by her, in which she resided with her heart unclear.

The knocks and bells, jingled in her ear, but she made sure not to open the door in fear.

There were few exceptions who were able to pass through the gates as invisible.

However as entered they also made sure to exit in despair.

After the wars, stand with her alone are the scars and wounds.

Neither can she blame the humans and angels.

Cause she is the one to adore the demons of darkness with love and care.

The disguised in front of her as some untold story which is poor and damaged.

And unlike her fellowmates, she lets the fakeness dissolve in her bones and blood everywhere.

In the moment she lets, the demons pull outside the fear in her.

They devour upon the negative, like its an oxygen to their lungs.

Her shy and timid soul, hides far away in corner and the shield works up, like its her true form.

Alas, her poor mind! Assumes it all to be natural, and so she lets her soul get wounded more and more.

But then there are the angels, who try to sprinkle healing sparkles upon the scared soul.

The heal power of the soul seems to be increasing more and more.

However the ugly face of the darkness, speaks rhymes in a tone unsung.

Making the soul scream and screech in loud despair.

And the girl seems to just listen thinking the rhymes to be melodious.

Where the story now moves, everyone is unsure.

The soul is slowing emerging with light as its acquaintance.

And the demons keep pursuing the darkness, trying to spread it more and more by its songs pleasing to the ears.

Despite everything happening, there is some hope in her heart for the soul.

Maybe not today, but one day it will win the race unlike the rabbit in story everyone heard.