Your smile is my Kryptonite, your happiness is my drug.
The way you pierce your eyes at me gets me ahold.

Your attitude is the icon which shines in dim atmosphere.

Your body is piece of work, God craved it with many efforts.

Dont you dare, to do anything bad. To your blessful soul.

You talk in a certain way, which jingles into my ears. May it be day or night, you make the reality a dreamworld.

At times you mumble rhymes, which are hard to hear but pleasing to ears.

Your anger is like a bullet from sun, which I dont want to be targeted at me at all.

And if so then I wanna make sure, I dogde the bullet anyhow.

You are like a maniac when the anger rules your mind, baby I hate it the most the way you act when you are upset.

And when you are normal, you are the calmest; you even make the fire turn into ice storm.

The child in you appears at times which makes me wanna cuddle and squint you.

And that pout of yours, melt my heart like never before.

The strike of naughtiness within you makes me wanna join you at times which never happened before.

Baby you are diamond which is way above gold which is sold.

You like the clearest blue water which is found only in deep ocean.

I know its hard to restrict such souls, I know I cant keep you in check, I know you aint meant to be caged.

So I will always let you free, fly wherever you wish and if you wish you can never come back.

If you find happiness anywhere then I am ready to do it.

May it involve me ever or not.