Mom you tell me never to fear, but whenever you scold me there is one tear.

Mom you want me to be very strong but then you act in a way to break my legs through which I move on.

Mom whats wrong, why you dont get me? I keep telling people you are the best person I ever have.I can be myself, just you let me.

Mom I hate home, thats why I never be here. But you want to know all about my doings just like a watchdog I fear.

Mom I crave freedom, I am an individual soul. Then why you keep this chained locked on my leg so tight and unlow?

Mom am I so untrustworthy? Show a little faith in me and I will pour shower of diamonds and bow a rainbow infront of you.

Mom I feel tired of this everyday’s guard on me. Have a little mercy and see your daughter break histories.

Mom dont you love me? Then why I feel this urge to always please you and grab your attention? Shouldnt it all come on its own in a symphony?

Mom the tests you give me are so hard that I cringe. Everytime I give my shot you just want me to have best clears.

Mom cant you see, I am being so cold and distant? Maybe you are busy looking for woods to make fire so ignore.

Mom you tell me how I aint a good daughter. But maybe you never accepted me as an individual rather want me to follow the rules and regulations.

Mom I love and respect you alot. But now I am simply breaking so why dont you just stop?

Mom I am afraid, one day I will be gone. At that time maybe you will realise perfection is no better than that human.