The way you smile when you see a beautiful human and imagine thoughts which shouldn’t have occurred.

The way you stop and appreciate the flower just csuse its color is something unique and rare.

The way you scrunch your face when you are in confusion and daze.

The way you have a notorious face when you have something naughty going in the head.

The way you smile at a stranger jsut cause he seem to have a hard time.

The way you share your food, which us more dearer to you.

The way you take care of those pens and pencils cause the collection makes you proud.

The way you link the words into poems so that everyone could connect with you at some level.

The way you let others use you, knowing well how selfish they are being.

The way you lend a helping hand to someone you dislike yet humanity matters more.

The way tears make way into your eyes whenever you see snything hurtful or pleasant in this world.

The way you know how to make other smile, with your silly jokes and humor.

The way you walk miles, even when your legs are killing you in those heels.

The way you don’t care about the way you dress cause it is appealing to you.

The way you let the straightforward opinion even though its hurtful and rude.

The way you run behind a bus and when you finally get a seat you let out relief breath.

The way you are hungry fod music and the words to flow.

The way you can mould, letters into a beautiful piece of monument.

-Things which are frequent but rarely taken into consideration.