Just cause of you can I make the snowfall turn into the crystal shower. 

There is this power in you to act like kryptonite of mine.

The wind follows your word and sings the song for me during the day and peaceful night.

The sun blazes but there you are infront of whom it is nothing.

You have this magnitude of shine in you which makes me hide my eyes from the glow.

You have this magic in you which surrounds and acts like my guardian true.

You have this strength which helps me gesture my angel and soul.

You have the aroma around you which captures my heart making me bloom.

You have this way with words which make me want to knit them into a heartful poem.

You have this attitude which is laid back and so true.

You have this passion in eyes which can be seen burning even from afar.

There is a weakness lying deep in your heart which you try to hide and act so moved on.

There is a hint of sadness which somehow cheats you and leaks out from within.

Which has my attention captured from the very beginning.

I am starting to think there is a soft human sitting in corner behind this thick facade you pretend.

I wanna breakthrough it and crack into your soul hidden so deep within.

I wanna know your deepest thoughts and darkest secrets.

I wanna ask you questions whose answer only your true self knows.

I wanna kiss away the pain which is beneath this mask of yours.

I wanna hold your hand and stand by your side once.

To show you, not just you can be someone’s knight in shining armor.