Can we just erase the distance and walk hand in hand?

Rather then seeing each other through cells can we just touch the face instead.

Let my finger touch your skin and my heart your soul.

The ‘ding’ of the message seems way too familiar than your voice.

I tried to reach over you from the screen in front of mine,

Alas! I met not you but dead end.

We tried to escape the cycle and be the one in billion couple, but fate grinned evily to set us apart though.

I always remember the time when I thought that you were beside and let me say that the moment are millions and millions.

The talks on call for hours, the late night chats and day filled with picture; it all flashes infront of my eyes whenever I hear off some or the other couple.

You weren’t beauty to eyes much for others but baby you looked like a diamond to my jewel hunger eyes.

And oh your heart, what can I say! Its filled with shiny rainbows.

The moment you stepped in my life, it all became so light and clear.

You became a beam of light, in a cave full of darkness and evil.

The deep conversations we had at 2am in mornings, I still have it saved in screenshots of mine.

Can you just forgive me? For being unkind and rude at times.

Baby, it was out of jealousy, I just wanted you as mine.

Mine and only mine, cause you were only my sun in the solar system line.

Now here I lie awake at 2am at midnight, thinking about the nights when we had banters unstoppable, 

I remember the time you were mine and moreover I was completely yours,

I remember the time when we were supposed to be sleeping but ended up chatting till dawn.

I remember when we had a huge fight and ended up not talking for half day but then couldn’t control.

In tears we came back to each other like a child comes to their home.

There came we time where we stumbled on a hurdle but we tried crossing it time and again.
But what can be done against the destiny?

Maybe not in this life but can you be mine for eternal? 

– (NJH)