Call me ‘baby’, but keep it low

Dont let the people hear our musings love

I will write you an ode, just keep it a secret in chest.

There are culprits who are trying to pull the cover away and create a mess.

I know some places where we can hide, or maybe get a mask to unseen our true selves

The world is cruel and shallow and void, there is a demon amidst every person we meet.

But they hid it well with a cold demeanour.

We are unacceptable in these perfect world of theirs, but honey trust me, you are perfection among all the imperfections.

Don’t let this unwanted opinions shatter your dreams. They are much bigger than any of these people’s scream.

In this cosmos, so varied and unique, you are a pearl which is hidden deep in sea.

Let me be your sidewalk and help you grow in life. 

Just because they dont understand us, doesn’t mean we dont matter.

We are like the hailey comet, which is rare and happens once in years.

We are the couple which happens in millions, but yet you are unsure because of these ugly and filthy humans.

Baby look at me, cant you see the love I have for you?

Its something which I have been doing for years and love for you is eternal.

Please just hold my hand and lets go quite afar, away from the chaos and expected taunts.

I will be your home and you be mine, just let me love you cause love has no wrong or right.