Empty soul and broken hopes.

There once lied dreams, she was passionate about.

Then came a hurricane which passed her life, alongwith came tsunami and earthquake not so light.

The mass destruction left marks in her life, the wounds healed over a period of time but lied behind were scars ugly forever in life.

She took the broken glass called ‘Life’ and tried to put it back altogether so hard and tight.

But the delicate glass broke and pierced her skin, the blood oozed ,out like a river with no end.

The pain she felt was nothing compared to that in her life, but she felt better cause her brain was focused on the cut in her hand somehow.

She took another piece and made two lines on her wrist, signifying the death of people who went to heaven in sleep.

She somehow put the life back, even though it looked ugly and mess.

The cracks could be seen easily on the glass.

But she didnt focus on the cracks or ugliness. All that mattered was how she was able to put it all back on track.

There came many moments when her life was shattered but she was a girl full of inspiration and matter.

All the time she let her motivation speak, in a language which made even hardships bow down deep.

She knew that the pain and hardship wont stop, so she started making shield on her own to protect her from all.

She succeeded in doing so but meanwhile lost touch of presence.

There were 10 earlier, now she was left with only 2 close people amidst.

She shook her head and kept the shied aside for a while and hugged the two close ones very tight.

However cruelty grinned in time, and a close one pierced a knife in her back making a 4 inch hole right in the middle of her heart trying to pull it out.