I looked in the eye of the devil and there was pitched darkness.

At first all I could see was an ocean which was in deep black coloured dressed.

But when I had a close look, I found something astonishing.

Their was a flicker of light, wandering deep within.

Surrounded by all the darks, among them timid but still going on; was the small flicker of light, which was trying to find its path.

The light was so so dim, almost invisible to naked eyes. But I could see it myself, as if it was signalling me to help.

However, I had heard, that dark and dark go hand in hand. How will my soul help the flicker, when everything within me is turned black?

Yet it was calling me out, there must be something I have missed somehow. Or else why would it waste its ending moment, on a failure somehow? 

It seems to be silent right now, as if it has tried everything out. Yet it has the urge to fight against the odd, that it was still trying somehow.

But we are talking about the  devil here, who crushes the soul like a cracker or bone. It doesn’t seem to care less. Yet I see the flicker in it how?

Something must have happened which made him the devil; or else why would it fathom, so many souls within?

Maybe it is hunger deprived or maybe it is just the greed to have more. 

Devil, why don’t you speak what you feel? Atleast for once.

I am not like them. I dont judge or see you as worst. I see you like me and myself like you.

There is no harm in letting me know. 

Maybe I will be your knight somehow. I can see the flicker, which was hidden to everyone around till now.

Oh devil! Why dont you see? I am similar to you in all.