I met an Angel once, who led my path.

Unknown by the pure, I didn’t think it alot.

You were an angel, disguised as a human. The golden wings of yours hidden well beneath.

You spoke the language of love, and it was melody to the ears, making the heart pull strings.

Thousand miles apart, yet your love can be felt, what a strong connection we have that can never be diminished.

I had heard that all angels are perfect, but oh honey, you showed me your flaws which made you even more precious.

And when you sensed the storms, you never ran away to hide. Unlike the other selves, you stood in front of me to protect and fight.

The light of your goodness reached boundary apart, it filled my dreams and saved from the night mare chaos.

The water I was drowning in, turned soon in an air. And the coldness of my body started vanishing somehow.

The sun shone brightly, however it was blinding my eyes. I was astonished myself, cause wasnt the sun supposed to fill your life?

Then I came to know about the various lights of life. And you among all, intrigued me alot.

You were the light which only lucky ones experience in life. However it was unlikely for a human to come across it somehow.

I was losing hope in life somehow cause not even the sun made it fine. I felt myself singing lullaby in the moonlight night.

And then I saw one star falling fom many stars apart.

Maybe the wish I asked that day finally came true.

In place of my true love, came the beautiful light of heaven.

-To the person whom I respect and admire the most. (NJH)