I am not your slave.

I am tired of being your victim from past so many years.

I am tired of spending most of my life, lying on bed self loathing and thinking of all the bads in life.

I am tired of distancing myself from people who loved me just because you keep pressuring me.

I am tired of everyday trying to find more flaws in me so I could hate myself more.

I am tired of letting go of the love which I deserved, only because you made me feel that I wasn’t enough.

I am tired of having those exhausting moods which keep switching on and off without any alert.

I am tired of having breakdowns in front of people, sometimes the reasons known, sometimes not.

I am tired of thinking always if anyone will ever miss me if I vanish in a whoosh.

I am tired of failing at things only because you trapped me from doing more and better.

I am tired of drowning myself in self pity and destruction.

I am tired of starving myself unknowingly because you make me feel that I dont deserve this life.

I am tired of over thinking time and again over trivial things everyday.

I am tired of feeling emotions which make me go crazy and insane.

I am tired of hearing from people how psycho and depressed I am.

I am tired of dressing oversize, in order to hide my sulken body.

I am tired of drowning myself in endless pit of guilt and regret.

I am tired of seeing the dreams crashing and the hopes disappearing in thin air.

I am tired of losing those passions which made my heart once grow with happy and pride.

I am tired of seeing the dark circles becoming prominent over the period of time.

I am tired of losing my sleep over the endless thoughts and mess.

I am tired of being so restless, gloomy and sullen in life.

I am tired of you acting like my lifetime companion, one who sucks my happiness and peace.

It’s becoming more and more tiresome to walk with your weight on my back.

The dark circles becoming prominent, making me lose the little life in me overall.

I can see the sun shining through the reflection on water. But I am so underneath the waters, and you acting like unwanted anchor.

-To the depression which never leaves.