I have got million flaws and you have pin pointed them all.

You gave me 107 reasons why I wasn’t enough. And now they lay on my body in the form of eternal scars.

I cried hundred rivers in an attempt to let everything I feel out. But alas! My feelings for you, are so deep and infinite.

I got stuck in this mysterious aroma, which speaks only of you and you. Making sure to vanish the outside world from my reach all over.

There was something about you which made me feel weak. Its as if you had the power to suck everything outta me.

At first, I ignored it all but then I started to lose the grip. In the start went my glow and then faded the colors in me.

There was nothing but darkness soon, which started empowering over me. It touched my body and shone all my scars to bleed.

Then it creeped over my soul which was pure and golden, it seemed. I could feel it starting to rust from the corners and edges.

The words which flowed from me soon started to drown, here I sat now in silence so grim and aloof.

I lied on bed of thorns which were sent from you as a gift of my existence. My body started to bleed, not of blood but self hatred.

I could hear the noises from the outside world through the high walls of concrete. The laughter full of lives and giggles and smiles.

None able to touch me in any way possible. I could feel myself deep in grave, like a living death.

I starved myself and punished, hoping to see the end as soon as I can. But life comes in many shades, not just black but white sometimes.

The voices which spoke words of misery, suddenly started to dim. The self hatred which was oozing from the broken self seem to be healing.

Yesterdays which were full of hate seem slipping out of today. Then I saw a small light, beaming from the wall so dark also insane.

I went to peek through it and saw there were cracks and holes forming.

The darkness of inside was vanishing cause of light.