You say that the hottest things are untouchable but have you tried the coldest ones?

You say that I am dark and stone but have you tried to flicker a fire to start the glow?

You say that my heart is like ice and snow but have you tried to melt it low?

You say that I always be so down and low but can’t you uplift it with your enthusiastic soul?

You say that I create mess and go but have you wondered maybe no one tries to stay and swept it off?

You say that I go back and forth but maybe its you who make me do so?

You say that I am always jealous and growl but isn’t it you who should try to make me secure?

You say that I am such a skinny girl which is good but have you noticed that I never eat and just starve suffer?

You say that I am good with humour but do you hear close how I just ooze my self hatred in those silly jokes?

You say that I ain’t good with strangers but do you notice their judging eyes on me ever?

You say that I should let my guard down and go with flow but can’t you see how trapped I am in these walls and drowning in tears which never cease?

You say that I am weird to love poems and corners but maybe they are my escape from the lonesome world?

You say that its hard for you to love me at times but shouldn’t you just always hold me tight?

You say that moon is so good and inspiring but have a look at those stars which never vanishes and glows from so far and bright?

You say how the other girls and so pretty and beautiful but maybe they have minimal scars while my heart bleeds nonstop?

You say how I dress so ugly and hideous but maybe the underneath scars share the story of my life?

You say how its weird to start a conversation with me always but maybe you never try to touch my heart and just brush off? 

You say how different our relationship is from any of your past ones but maybe its cause I treat you as my life but you behave the way they did with you?

You say and just say but maybe you should sometimes hear when my heart screams in silence.

-Things which you said and I always just heard.