​When the room became bright, she switched off the light.

When the pictures became burden, she put them in the drawer and under her bed.

When the nightmares increased, she hugged her pillow tight and slept.

When the noises started acting up, she tried to decrease the volume too down.

When the world started spinning, she took a pause and sat on bench.

When the kids started gossiping, she dropped her head and ran.

When the bully hit her on face, she didnt flinch but nor did she defend.

When she saw her name in the high grade list, she didnt jump or scream.

When she turned 18, she didnt celebrate it and noone wished.

When the rain hit her hard, she didn’t open her umbrella and became drenched.

When her cycle was broken by the bullies in her school, she took those broken parts home and tried to mend them for hours.

When her favourite vase broke, she kept the remainings in the cupboard.

When her best companion died, she buried him beside the tree in her yard with a little craving saying, “You weren’t just a cat but my favourite star.”

When she found out about her sick mother, she just wrote a ten words note.

When her mother finally died, she refused to attend the funeral.

When the house filled with smell of alcohol, she put the empty bottles in trash without any drama.

When her father stumbled upon broken glass, she quietly brought the first aid and took him away from the messy hall.

When her father slapped her next day, she didnt utter a word or cried.

When her father lied in pool of blood, she stood in doorway aloof as if high.

When the police asked her, “What happened?”, she grazed at them looking shallow like an empty vessel.

When she was finally taken to the psychologist, she counted her steps from her seat to the room.

When the psychologist asked her questions, she decided to stay mum.

At the end when she was taken back to prison, she borrowed a pen and wrote down on paper,

“They never left me, no matter what.

Even when people ran away, they stayed for so long.

They were like me, alone and sad.

I wanted to make them happy at any cost.

They asked me a favour, and I said yes.

And just yesterday I killed dad like he killed their mom.”