​Will things every become okay?

I wonder. 

I ain’t actually a creep. No, I am far away from that, but that’s my opinion.

In life we say things, we do things, sometimes we mean them and most of the times we don’t. And the interesting this is that, the ones which we don’t mean actually affect our life harshly. They act like a wrecking ball. Hit us hard and destroy our settled life.

And then, throughout our life we keep wondering ‘What if we would have been able to dodge the wrecking ball?’ However there is no fair answer to this. All we have are fogged assumptions which can be nothing but thorns on a rose. We try to imagine a situation and mould it certain way trying to make it as beautiful as we can however by the end the thorn pierces our skin and comes out the blood. Then the reality sinks in fading out our castle of dreams. But we never stop. We never stop after one assumption or two or three, we keep on feeding this greed of ours. We believe that it will fill the void within us and erase our guilt. Because we are the ones who had did the things which we didn’t mean and destroyed everything. The ‘what if’s…’ keeps consuming our mind, turning us into a psychopath because by now we have reached a scenario where we are with that person living happily; but in our castle of dreams. It is the feeling we have when we are told that the sweet no longer causes us pleasure but is acting as a toxic for our teeth however we are so drawn to it that we act blind and continue consuming them ignoring the demage being caused to our teeth.

And this is how eventually we die, we die with those books and books of our unpublished, untold storied which consist of all the ‘what if’s’ it’s not that we didn’t live life. We did, we did live life normally. But did we live ‘the life’? 

Ask yourself. 

You wanna live a life where we let that unmeant event slide?

Or you wanna rectify that unmeant event and then continue life? Trying to solve what if’s.