​And then the kids ran in the kitchen, climbing on chair trying to reach the sugar jar. Nothing could take the shine in their eyes and all they had in mind was getting that jar. It didnt matter if any jar would fall off the cabinet or any kid getting hurt. They weren’t thinking of how their mother will scold them and ground them at some level. Neither were they thinking of the promise which they made to their dentist during an appointment. It has been two days since the mother had gone and they were tired and missing her already. The mother had just disappeared without any notice wearing that beautiful black dress of hers. However, one thing the kids noticed was the gloomy mood and tears. But they couldn’t ask her ‘What’s wrong?’ out of fear. And their father, they hadn’t seen him since the car trip to the beach few days ago. And now the kids were being mischievous by breaking a rule and eating the sugar. However, when he tried to get hold of the jar, his hand passed right through it.