​You were among the things I adored the most.

I could count you among my treasures and I could feel you in the air.

You creeped into my mind and then way down into my heart.

I would admit that you swept me off my feet right from the start.

You would laugh at my failed jokes and kiss my cheeks whenever I blushed.

And I would make reasons to borrow your sweaters and attempt to steal your tees.

You took me out to places I never even believed exist.

I could see you as my prince in my fairy tale thing. And all I could imagine was a happy ending.

But then slowly I started feeling displeased as the sun started becoming dim. 

The air which once let me free was starting to choke me and grim.

I could feel the invisible handcuffs on my hands which would leave scars and just make me bleed.

And the donut you made for me suddenly started tasting sour making my tongue scream.

The glass frame which had our picture was cracking from the corner.

The music which we danced on was becoming repetitive and losing its touch.

And I felt it, I felt it in my bones that you didnt kiss me the way you used to and your ‘love yous’ were turning shallow.

I could see you rolling your eyes whenever I babbled about Moons and Stars.

And then I knew, that I am like a short story for you; you were only interesting in for a while and here I was being ready to be your novel.

~Things which make me scream.