Few months back if you had asked me about Aleppo, I would have just given you a confused look. I would have asked you to hand me atlas to find the City. But today, after reading about the genocide and digging on internet to gain more knowledge about it, I will say that I am aware of Aleppo. And I am proud to be among those handful people who took time out to actually know what inhuman massacre was happening in the city. But I am also deeply ashamed and disappointed the way almost everyone turned blind towards the chaos in the city. The air strikes, the bombing of hospitals and schools, the slaughtering of men, the women being raped and innocent child lying dead on ground; it makes me go cold and goosebumps rise.

 The newspapers were selling when the plane hit Twin towers, the people were furious during the Paris attack so why today when Aleppo was dying there was no shout? There is a world, different then ours where even going to school is like going to war. Where kids lay dead on ground and people have to walk on the blood stained roads. Today we say that people all around the world are united, so why arent we standing together when Syria needs us? Why are we busy uploading about movies and shows when we should speak about Aleppo and protest? We are afar from Aleppo but we have the power to rise. 
 I today, declare that I will always keep my eyes and ears open towards inhuman disasters, I will let my voice out and aware others of the injustice. I will try to stand for cause. I will not be numb.

Love and regards to Aleppo.