People come to me and tell me how rusted I look now and all I do is stare at them.

Few years back if someone had dared to tell me this then I would have knocked them down making sure to hurt their nose.

But now here I am, sitting on the bench and letting people babbling about me.

Though the comments make me cringe but I have no ounce of power in me to fight them off. Cause you know why?

Because they are true.

I know very well how rusted my existence has became. The sun shinning brightly in my eyes once is set now. I had hoped that one day when it will set, I will be introduced to a whole new galaxy and moon and stars.

But today, after years all I know is that not always after the sun sets, comes the moon. Many a times, when sun sets there is nothing but mere darkness, there is neither moon nor stars.

-My rusted existence.