I was 15 when I met you and I was 15 years and 3 month old exactly when I fell for you.

At that age I knew nothing about love, unlike other fellow beings I was pretty dense. But one thing I was sure about was that, you made me feel good. You made me feel safe and sound and warm. And I myself didn’t realise when I was engulfed with your warmness.

However the warmness wasn’t able to make my cold heart feel better. I was expecting the warmth to make my heart come entirely alive but it never happened and I could feel myself getting disappointed about it.

I would kep asking myself why it aint happening and then would accuse your warmness. I was holding onto you while my ship was sinking deep and I don’t know why but you never made me aware of my sinking ship. You just let me hold onto you making me think that the thing I was holding onto was my ship. But it wasnt, it never was.

It was nothing but an extension of your ship. The wooden plank which was left by the crafter cause he didn’t notice it. It was nothing but waste and you made me believe that it was ship. My ship.

-I’ll always hate you for this.